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Excellent care 1st

Healthy foot improves mobility and enables independence

Excellentcare1st is for people who have foot problems but are unable to move around to get treatment.

Our service is a mobile treatment that brings the footcare at the comfort of your home, shop, and office in your convenience time and place to deliver a relaxing and professional service.

We deliver a range of foot care services including:

  • Cutting and trimming toenails
  • Corns and callus (hard skin)
  • Ingrown nails
  • Thickened/infected nails
  • Open lesions, such as ulceration
  • Foot pain
  • Footwear advice
  • Diabetic foot care and advise

Our Service will help you:

  • Build confidence
  • Improve mobility
  • Live independent lifestyle
  • Improve social and emotional health
  • Overcome anxiety, fear, and frustration of foot problems
  • Improve your general well-being


Unlike other foot care services, including the NHS referrals you have to wait for weeks, months to get an appointment, we offer:

  • Immediate service
  • We come to you, you don’t need to worry looking for us
  • At your own convenient time and place
  • Our service delivered at the comfort of your home or place of your choice
  • Domestic work support (on demand)
  • Accompany client to shopping / social event/appointment (on demand)

Because of our service, more and more people will be pain-free, up and about, and free to move within few days.


Our service is exceptional because;

Uncomplicated foot and leg care are within our competency and remit. Our clients have immediate access by self-referral and early availability of our services make our work an important resource for the general public.


In several cases, there is a need for routine care due to diabetes mellitus, eye troubles, arthritic hands, ankylosis of the spine, pregnancy, obesity, etc. Many patients find it difficult reaching their feet for maintenance, whereas others appreciate the help of a practitioner who they can trust to trim and maintain their nails appropriately. Many of the conditions are directly attributable to the aging process which makes our support necessary. Hip and knee problem contribute considerably to the need. As a trained spectator, Foot Health Practitioner we contribute to the health of the public by screening and notifying other practitioners to indicated diabetes, possible ulceration, and other conditions.

We take into account the patient’s medical status in order to execute the work safely and cause no medical complication. In our task, we utilize good hygiene, instrument skills, communication, and a good degree of dexterity in keeping records and regular updating. Dressing/padding/offloading skills are used in managing minor wounds.

Our Value

  • Convenience: Care in the Comfort of your own home and in a place and time that suits you
  • Fast recovery
  • 24 x7 service (e.g. query can be made online at any time with few hours reply)
  • Evening and Saturday appointments available
  • Accessible – no referral needed
  • Group Discount for 2+ People
  • Customised care
  • On-call service
  • Patient centricity
  • Advocate - Service beyond the usual footcare routine (signpost and assist where client needs extra support)
  • Quality care and time with affordable price


  • Our Local service covering areas London and Dartford.

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