We deliver Health Improvement services

This service aims to provide motivational supports to enable people to make sustainable changes for their health to be improved.

We do this by providing Public Health Promotion presentation, workshops and one to one awareness campaign in different settings such as local communities and institutions, including specialists’ referrals and consultation the advice, supporting the people improve and protect their own health.

We are committed to improving the health of the public and individuals. To make this continues improvement possible, we research, collect data and analyze data to increase our understanding of health. Through the researchers, we obtain answers to public health matters and people to understand what the challenges are and how we can address (the next step forward).

Our working Strategies

Sample, study and improve

We are a scientific organisation, we will always ensure we are guided by the best evidence available, evaluate all our events with thoroughness and transparency, and always sample our work prior to committing to delivery.

Produce more inventive content

Throughout the progression of this strategy, we will deliver more active, more collaborating, more regular, lower-cost content utilizing a wider range of methods and organisations that motivate change for specific target populations.

On-demand’ we provide digital public health awareness information

In addition, take advantage of the revolution in communications to create comfortable and more active participatory programs, we provide digital health promotion awareness ‘on-demand’.

Previous Projects 


Northern Ireland Diabetes Awareness and Research with health Screening


Diabetes awareness campaign in Accra Ghana



Workshop on New Ham Low Birth weight

Public health discussion.




Diabetes Awareness and research with health screening in London