Mobile Foot Care Clinic

We offer a wide range of services from basic nail cutting, foot hygiene, medical treatment of foot and ankle problems,  and gait analysis

Skin Condition

Operating in South and East London, we bring a professional foot care clinic to your own private home or residential care home.

Fungal infection, Callus. Soft/Hard Corn, Cracked Heels and Verruca

Professional Information

Our consultants are qualified Foot Health Practitioner, Health Promotion Professional and Public Health Practitioner. We can give advice on problems such as :

Painful Heel or Feet & Bent toes, Footwear advise/insoles, Diabetic foot care, Foot massage

Excellent Care 1st

Care of the feet is primary, secondary and tertiary prevention and part of the quality of life. People who are homebound or bedbound have foot health needs which range from preventing falls to preventing a pressure ulcer of the heel. Our Team is being specially trained to do preventive exams of areas not easily seen from the patient's perspective. Our team has special instruments for thick nails and hard spots on the skin. Excellent care 1st starts with a professional foot physical exam and advice on how to care for the skin, nails, nerves, circulation, and bones of the feet.

The company for you

We exam of the feet looks for skin problems which predispose to bacterial and fungal infections. Detecting a problem with circulation and neuropathy typically results in directions and precautions to prevent ulcers and deep infection. For those with diabetes and deformity of the bones of feet an individualized plan of care of the feet is essential to reducing pain and complications which impact quality of life.

Price List

Service charge: Direct charges from client’s treatments will differ depending on client’s condition, need an actual treatment time.

First-time treatment including medical assessment = £50

A follow-up appointment will start at £35 for clients from adult day centre.

£ 35 for a client in a home and discount for the group in their individual home

£35 for 2+ people and £40 per person..


Other Services

Medical assessment and personal footcare advice £35 in a follow-up visit.

However, these charges are negotiable.

We also sell foot moisturizing creams and wide fit footwear - to stay warm and comfy with extra wide, extra deep, extra roomy; and fitting for wide, swollen or bandaged feet and ankles and other podiatric product.

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