Who Are We

Excellent Care 1st is a recruitment agency based in the United Kingdom with over 5 years of experience in the recruitment and health sectors, we have a unique overview of what makes the ideal placement, for employers and candidates, and have applied this experience to clients up and down the UK.

What We Do

At Excellent Care 1st Limited, our job is to connect health care workers to the right job and ensure health organizations get the right candidates. We are sincerely committed to everyone that we have chosen to work with. Rest assured that when we align with you, your business expectations will always be fulfilled.

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International Recruitment

At Excellent Care 1st we help job seeker in the healthcare industry find the best opportunities and build a good career. We not only recruit for UK based companies but also for companies aboard. Our team serves a large number of clients, providing them with the best match for their healthcare positions. We understand getting good candidates for a job is a bit stressful and also getting to find the best opportunities too for job seekers is somewhat difficult. This is the reason we have decided to take the burden away from recruiter and job seekers, to aid a seamless experience.

Excellent Care 1st, the best UK based recruitment agency


Getting informed on the industry trends, policy, ethics and so on is as important as drinking water daily, we can’t do without it. We have some structured course put in place to make sure you remain relevant in the healthcare industry.