A locum medical professional is quite plainly a licensed/registered practitioner who takes up a temporary position on a part-time/contract basis. It is from the Latin phrase Locum tenens,
which means “place holder.”  As a locum medical practitioner, you have the opportunity to decide where you want to work and when, but first, you have to be appropriately licensed and registered.

As a registered medical professional in the UK, finding work as a locum is more comfortable under a medical recruitment agency like ProStandardUK Limited. These agencies typically get the first scoop on available locum jobs and can easily connect practitioners under them. They also provide 24/7 support services and training for medical practitioners looking to take the jump into locum but who do not have the required skills and training or are unsure if it is the right path for their career.

Locum work is a form of part-time employment; however, practitioners can decide to either take up locum as a full-time commitment or part-time job in addition to full-time, permanent employment. Whatsoever path is agreed upon will be determined by factors such as the
need to attain optimum work-life balance, achieve specific financial goals, meet travel or lifestyle demands, and the need for career flexibility.

  • Locum work also helps young doctors gain experience and determine what area to specialize in during residency. Some benefits to locum work include;
  • It provides the opportunity to earn higher pay and the freedom to determine your work schedule.
  • There is an increased opportunity to learn skills and gain experience from working in various practices all over the country.
  • There is also the freedom to travel and explore various areas in the country, an attractive benefit for millennial medical practitioners looking to build a career in travel blogging or tourism on the side.
  • It also offers the opportunity to develop new hobbies and build your CV on unique experiences that might not have been possible in a permanent position.

However, as with all things in life, there are a few disadvantages to locum work. First, you are unlikely to be eligible for certain benefits such as sick pay or be offered a pension scheme, and maternity or paternity leave and allowance might also not be available to you.

You will also have to be solely in charge of managing your finances. Since your work placement is on a contract basis, there is a possibility of going without work for an extended period. Besides, the constant moving and job switching might make it challenging to build
interpersonal relationships with co-workers.


In summary, before taking the plunge working as a locum medical professional in the UK, consider your career goals and life aspirations. Locum offers many significant advantages, but there are also a few disadvantages. A medical recruitment agency will help you weigh
your options and determine what path is of more benefit to you.

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