Excellent Care 1st Ltd offers a series of comprehensive training programmed and courses to meet your specific needs.

At Excellent Care 1st, we offer the best supportive living services. Our world-class support living is to make sure you retain your independence while we assist you with some minimal work. You will be in control of what you want an what we deliver.

Excellent Care 1st offers bespoke support living services. Our services include:

  • First Aid/CRP Level 2]
  • First Aid/CPR Level 3
  • Occupational English Prep. Training
  • UK Culture Training
  • CQC Overview Training
  • Medical Terminology
  • Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults and Children
  • COPD & The Benefits of Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Phlebotomy Training Course
  • NMC OSCE Training

We remove your recruitment hassles by:

  • Negotiating pay rates on your behalf.

  • Getting you a dedicated and experienced consultant that will be focused on meeting your specific needs.

  • Filling your short & long-term locum positions.

  • Filling your Permanent and Fixed Term positions.

  • Carrying out full credentialing on your behalf.

  • Helping you with Metropolitan, rural & remote vacancies.

  • Assisting in managing all travel and accommodation related needs.

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